WP Hosting Company Review

From my own experience the best web hosting provider for WordPress is definitely BlueHost. They are also a recommended WordPress hosting provider by the official WP website wordpress.org. Moreover, they have SimpleScripts feature in the control panel that allows you to install WordPress easily with just one click.

I have also tried other web hosts than BlueHost before, but I was not satisfied with any of them. I tried to host my WP website with free web hosting providers as well, but I would not recommend doing this to anyone at all. Free hosting providers are not stable and for WordPress you also need a MySQL database. And this database of my website was often down on free web hosts that I have used and this caused that my website was unavailable.

So my advice is to avoid going with free hosting and rather pay a few dollars per month for stable hosting like BlueHost is. I’m hosting 6 of my WordPress-powered websites  (including this website) on just one BlueHost hosting account. You can host as many WP websites on your BlueHost hosting account as you wish. I have been with BlueHost since July 2008 and am 100% satisfied with them. In my opinion it’s the best WordPress hosting provider.

Good luck with choosing the right web hosting company for your business! I hope I have helped you at least a little to make your decision.

Andrej, WordPress designer

Disclosure: We may receive compensation from the reviewed products on this professional website. This however does not influence our reviews, as we have tested BlueHost personally and can just recommend them.

If you are a serious webmaster who wants to build an online empire that encompasses multiple websites, you have probably wondered whether you should keep all of your sites on one hosting account or spread them across multiple providers. When you are signed up with the top WordPress hosting provider, it may be tempting to keep all of your eggs in one basket. However, just like it is best to put proverbial eggs in more than one basket, there are benefits to having multiple hosting accounts.

The Pros and Cons of a Single Account

The major benefit to having one hosting account with a trusted provider is cost. It’s pretty easy to find a webhosting plan that allows you to put an unlimited number of sites on them. This is a cost effective way to set up multiple websites without incurring a large expense, which is great for people who are low on funds or just starting out on the Internet.

Another benefit to having a single account is convenience. All of your sites are hosted in one place so you don’t have to worry about remembering multiple usernames and passwords. Although most web hosting providers use CPanel to power the back office, there are some companies that use a different type of software or create their own. You won’t have to spend time learning the back office setup of each provider you are signed with.

There are some serious disadvantages to having only one top WordPress hosting account, though. The risk of losing your hard work is greater when you have all of your sites with one hosting provider. If the server crashes for some reason, there goes all of your sites and income. A hacker who manages to gain access to your account can infect all of the sites you have with that provider. Not only can this result in unwanted spam or malware showing up on your websites, but you can lose the search engine rankings you worked hard to achieve.

The Case for Multiple Accounts

Although it may cost you a little bit more to have multiple WordPress hosting accounts, you will greatly mitigate the risks of being online. Because your sites are spread out amongst different providers, a server failure or successful hacking attempt won’t destroy all of your hard work. Your other sites will still be up and earning income while you deal with the problem account.

Multiple accounts also provide more options. Say you do experience a long-term site outage. You can simply move the affected sites to your other web hosting provider until the problem is fixed or you find a replacement hosting company. You can use the second account for testing purposes. If you want to change the theme of your website but aren’t ready to go live with the new look, you can upload it to a test site on your second hosting account and make the necessary changes before putting it on the live production site.

Having multiple accounts with top WordPress hosting providers is a smart investment. As always, thoroughly investigate the hosting companies and choose the one that best fits your needs and goals.